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We are specialists, focused on providing healthcare and life-science solutions to Baltics and Eastern European markets

Our provided solutions are widely used in such fields:

  • Clinical laboratory diagnostics

  • Molecular diagnostics and genetics

  • Microbiology and Pathology

  • Medical therapy

  • Research and industrial

  • IT and process automation

We provide services and cover complete cycle for healthcare and life-science industry solutions:

Clinical laboratory diagnostics
  • Product and solutions distribution services

  • Market access services

  • Full-scale consultancy services

  • Local regulatory compliance and product registration

  • Marketing

  • User trainings, product application and clinical support

  • Technical and IT support service

Since the beginning of pandemic COVID-19, back in 2020, Biovita has been strongly supporting healthcare sectors
across the Baltic region, Belarus and Ukraine to supply diagnostics equipment, test kits and related consumables.
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