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Sysmex UN series

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Sysmex UN series

Fully automated urinalysis workflow solution of the highest level

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The UN-Series is the next step towards a fully automated urinalysis workflow solution of the highest level.

The new UF-5000 and UF-4000, based on our globally renowned fluorescence flow cytometry and with body fluid analysis available at the flick of a switch, will benefit laboratories of any size.

Our UC-3500 is a fully automated chemistry analyser that takes test strip analysis further, with both microalbumin and creatinine analysis on board. For smaller workloads, the semi-automated chemistry analyser UC-1000 is the right choice, whether used integrated or stand-alone.

Adding our digital imaging unit, the UD-10, provides a seamless urinalysis workflow – from sample entry to digital image.

To round off the offering, we have a new U-WAM for sample management and CV-11 for sample transport.


With our UN-Series we cover the complete urinalysis workflow while offering maximum flexibility: You can select your solution to set up the workflow as you need it. Whatever your choice, it means there will be no more hands-on urinalysis as the whole process is automated.

Finally, you get all the results on one screen, with all data centralised in one workstation.


Whatever urinalysis solution you start with, you can flexibly extend it by adding extra modules at a later stage. This ensures your investment is not lost if your lab is growing, since your urinalysis solution will grow with you. Both up- and downscaling (e.g. if order profiles change or you need to split your solution) is possible at any point in time.

You can connect up to nine modules in one line. All configurations are available as benchtop models or with wagons. To handle more sample tubes at a time by loading more racks on the system, you can add extra sample entry and exit modules.