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iLsa iDC 20

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iLsa iDC 20

Automatic cytoprocessor

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iDC 20 is a compact fully automated cytoprocessor that uses the principle of gradient centrifugation to prepare a monolayer cytological preparation on glass. The device has an integrated system for evaluating the cell sample, a system for tracking the compliance of the labeling of the sample and the drug. The result of the cytoprocessor iDC 20 is a dry monolayer preparation, ready for the next staining.

  • Provides high-quality monolayer cytological preparations: clear cell division, no deformation of cells and cell aggregates.
  • The process of preparing a smear is fully automated (up to 40 slides per hour).
  • The smear has a rectangular shape, homogeneous, well reproduced.
  • Thanks to the existing system of standardization of the cell sample (infrared turbidity detector) standardization of the cellular composition of the smear is achieved, the cells are arranged in a monolayer.
  • No cross-contamination due to the use of disposable tips.
  • The iDC 20 cytoprocessor allows to work with gynecologic samples, etc.
  • Full traceability of the sample: an operational error will be detected before the sample is put into operation, thanks to the integrated barcode identification system and automatic matching of the vial with the sample and glass.
  • The software meets the requirements of standard 62304.
  • All data is stored and available in a usable Excel file.
  • The ergonomic design of the iDC 20 cytoprocessor makes it extremely easy to use (control via a tablet touch screen): users need only 2 hours to learn to work with it.
  • The iDC 20 cytoprocessor can be additionally equipped with a GSM device that provides remote reading of consumables in real time.