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iLsa Paint Cell

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iLsa Paint Cell

Automatic painting system

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Automate your special stainingd to minimize cost

PAINT CELL is made to automate your special staining, time consuming, hand-made in your laboratory.

The number of Tank and their volume are sized to minimize cost.

iLSA made PAINT CELL as a minimalist and constraint-free automate : open to any stains, no maintenance contract. The touch-screen tablet allow you to create and easily launch your staining:

  1. Load slides and tanks
  2. Choose the staining
  3. Click on the 'Color' button
  4. That's it!

This automate is A4-sized!

Reagents and control materials

Staining - 7 reagent tanks (70 ml for Paintcell 10 and 40 ml for Paintcell 40) and 1 flow washing tank.


One-time download of 10 drugs Paintcell 10, Paintcell 4 - 4 drugs. 

Size / weight

25 D x 22 V, cm / 2.9 kg Paint Cell 10
20 D x 22 V, cm / 2.5 kg Paint Cell 4


Control is directly through the tablet computer with a touch screen