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Veda.lab EasyReader +

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Veda.lab EasyReader +

Express immunochromatographic analyzer

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Easy Reader + is an immunochromatographic express analyzer designed for quantitative and qualitative reading of the results of express tests (cassettes).

Principle: Reflectance photometry using digital camera and built-in readout calibration software

  • biological material for research: blood, plasma, serum, urine, blood, feces
  • analysis time ~ 5-15 minutes
  • accelerated mode possible (read mode)
  • built-in thermal printer
  • sensitivity 96-98%, specificity 90-100% (depending on the type of analysis)

Application area:

  • urgent testing of a single patient sample
  • can be used in any convenient place: doctor's office, at the patient's bedside, ambulance car

Inflammatory condition

  • C-reactive protein
  • C-reactive protein with high sensitivity