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PS – 10

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PS – 10

Automated sample preparation for clinical flow cytometry

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Automated sample preparation for clinical flow cytometry

  • Automate your sample preparation processes
  • Customise procedures to match your needs while ensuring traceability
  • Maximise your workflow efficiency
  • Flexibly standardise your preparation processes

Thoughtful automation for a new level of workflow efficiency

The PS-10 is Sysmex’s response to the increasing demands and declining resources that today’s clinical flow cytometry laboratories are facing. This new sample preparation system offers an intelligent automation solution that delivers increased efficiency and flexibility for complex and routine flow cytometry applications.

S-10 sample preparation system

The PS-10 is flexible enough to integrate with your existing SOPs – provides antibody cocktailing and automates all phases of the sample preparation process.

Flow cytometry

With its ability to use numerous combinations of antibodies, lysing and permeabilising reagents, the PS-10 is able to prepare samples for virtually any flow cytometer.

Sysmex reagents

Choose from a broad portfolio of CyFlow™ antibody reagents to create the perfect panel for your diagnostic needs.

Software tools

The graphic user interface makes it easy to learn and use. Information for reagents and procedures is stored for re-use – and easy traceability of data.