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Sysmex CyFlow Space

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Sysmex CyFlow Space

CyFlow Space – its flexibility gives you the space you need for your work

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CyFlow Space – its flexibility gives you the space you need for your work

  • Configurations with up to 13 fluorescence parameters and 3 physical light scattering parameters
  • Choice of lasers with 365, 375, 405, 488, 532, 561, 594, 638, 640 nm
  • Maximum acquisition rate up to 25,000 signals/s
  • Scatter particle size: 0.1 – 100 µm
  • Fluorescence sensitivity: < 100 MESF (FITC), < 50 MESF (PE)

CyFlow Space – its flexibility gives you the space you need for your work

The CyFlow Space is a high-performance multi-laser flow cytometer, which offers the most flexible, simple and reliable features for routine and research work.

It is a compact multi-colour instrument for the analysis of individual cells and microscopic particles in suspension. The advanced flow cytometry technology of the CyFlow Space covers a wide range of different applications.

  • Fluorescence excitation by one to five light sources covering a range from ultra-violet to red excitation lines. o Analysis of up to 13 fluorescence parameters and three physical light scattering parameters from near UV to infra-red light. 
  • Analysis of cell and particle concentration by True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC). 
  • Cell sorting by an optional cell and particle sorter. 
  • Fixed standard configurations and flexible customised configurations tailored to the user´s requirement. 
  • Walk-away automation by sample auto-loading from 96- and 384-well plates.

FloMax flow cytometry data acquisition and analysis software

The Windows™-based FloMax software includes multiple online gating, logical gates, and colour gating. N-colour online and offline software compensation is another standard feature of the FloMax software. Data may be acquired with compensation or as uncompensated raw data. Either way, compensation can be done, undone, or changed after analysis on stored data. User-selectable statistics are calculated on subset populations identified by regions that are created by the user with easy-to-use drawing tools, and combined using simple, logical formulas. Other sophisticated features include cell cycle analysis and peak analysis. Custom reports are quickly and easily generated from the acquired data using the integrated, macro-driven interface with Microsoft™ Word and Excel. FloMax data files are stored in FCS standard format and are therefore fully compatible with other commercial flow cytometry software.

The FloMax software is pre-installed on the Windows™ PC that is delivered as part of the CyFlow Space systems. Three additional licences for offline copies of the FloMax software are also included free of charge, which offers a cost-effective solution for working groups with the need for offline data analysis software.

Methods and technologies

Fluorescent flow cytometry

  • Up to 5/3 of the source radiation
  • Blue (488 nm, 20/50/200 mW) solid state laser
  • Green (532 nm, 30/100 mW) solid-state laser with diode pumping
  • Red (638 nm, 25/40 mW) diode laser
  • Yellow (561 nm, 100 mW) solid-state laser
  • Orange (594 nm)
  • UV diode (365 nm, 100 mW) or UV diode laser (375 nm, 16 mW)
  • Purple diode laser (407 nm, 100 mW)
  • Laser sources with other wavelengths (optional)

Optics  -
Modular optical system, up to 16/9 optical parameters with selected photomultiplier
tubes and built-in electronic amplifiers - CyFlow ML: FSC1 / 2 (small and wide-angle scattering), SSC, FL1-FL13
CyFlow Space ^: FSC, SSC, FL1-FL7

  • Standard settings and filters
  • Color CCD camera for current monitoring
  • Standard lens mounts with high numerical aperture
  • Optical immersion gel, eg for detection of minor cytokines (optional)
  • Separation of intermediate planes of the image

Flow system -

  • Flowing cuvette made of synthetic quartz (350 x 200 μm) for hydrofocusing the sample in the laminar flow of the surrounding liquid
  • A sampler equipped with a computer-controlled Biosafety System minimizes the likelihood of cross-contamination
  • Absolute volumetric cell counting system based on mechanical volume measurement - without the need to use control particles
  • Sterile precision syringe pump with computer control for sampling and absolute volumetric cell counting;
  • The sampling rate of the pump is smoothly regulated from 0 to 50 μl / s; the pressure of the surrounding fluid is regulated in the range of 0-800 mBar
  • Easily accessible tanks for ambient liquid and waste with level indicators

Cell sorting module -
Sorting type - piezocrystal-controlled mechanical flow deflection with sorted cells. The system is closed, without the flow of the jet to the air.

  • Diamond piezoelectric crystal
  • Adjustable delay time between cell analysis processes and their deviation to the sorting flow
  • Support for the sterile sorting module
  • Sorting accuracy - 99%

* The maximum number of detectors and radiation sources of the analyzer with the sorting module is: 2 lasers, 8 detectors, of which 6 detectors are fluorescent