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Motic pantera U

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Motic pantera U

Professional microscope for routine medical work

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The Panthera U microscope  - a new level of optical performance in life sciences applications: Plan Achromatic optics combine the full range of UC high contrast lenses with UC high contrast eyepieces with a 22mm field of view. The new stage without rail carries a unique double slide holder. Illumination is provided by a light source with interchangeable 3W LEDs in a Fixed Koehler configuration. Motic's LightTracer system with built-in Low-Energy and LED feedback indicator for easy workflow.

The new 100X / 0.8 "dry lens" is especially suited to work in environments where lengthy immersion of the lens may be considered too difficult.

For maximum convenience, the standard eyepiece tubes of the Panthera U microscope provide a 25 ° viewing angle. The interpupillary distance of 48-75mm is easily adjustable, while the butterfly movement can increase the viewing height by 60mm, allowing it to adapt to different body types of users.

The microscope can be upgraded with a Motic universal swivel condenser with all phase rings and a darkfield limiter, or with a birefringent polarizer / drug analyzer. With the Panthera U microscope, you can now integrate the fluorescence method into your daily workflow without the environmental risks associated with the use of mercury lamps.

Optical system

Collimator (Infinity Focus) Color Corrected Optical System (CCIS®)

Surveillance system

Binocular / Trinocular type Siedentopf with 25 ° tilt and 360 ° rotation

Interpupillary distance (mm)


Trinocular light separator

fixed 50/50


UC-WF10X / 22

Eyepiece diopter correction

+/- 4 diopters.


5-position, with coding

Plan UC Achromatic Objectives
(Lead Free )

4X / 0.1 (WD 30.5 mm ), 10X / 0.25 (WD 17.4mm), 40X / 0.65 / S (mm), 100X / 1.25 / S-mm)

Lens mounting thread

W 4/5 "x 1/36" (RMS standard)

Subject table

Compact, no rail

Stage dimensions (mm)


Travel range (mm)


Top travel stop

Pre-installed; adjustable


Numerical aperture 0.90 / 1.25, Abbe condenser with slider slot

Focus mechanism

Coaxial; focusing force adjustment

Minimum fine
focusing accuracy (μm)


Z-axis travel (mm)


Lighting type

3W LED, Fixed Koehler

Lighting interchangeability

LED color temperature interchangeability

Lighting characteristics

LightTracer by Motic: Light setting memory, low power mode, LED indicator for light intensity and mode on the turret


USB port for camera power

Power supply

110-240V (CE standard)

Overall dimensions, mm)

282x210x394 (Binocular), 282x210x396 (Trinocular)

Bright field


Phase contrast

Slider and turret

Simple polarization


Simple dark field

Slider and turret

LED fluorescence

Yes - Intermediate module