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Motic BA410E

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Motic BA410E

Basic routine microscope

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The Motic BA410E microscope  is a  professional research microscope with the best image quality options. It is an excellent microscope solution with improved performance in optics and mechanics for laboratories and universities that practice hematology, cytology and histology.

For maximum image accuracy and in line with Motic's CCIS © Infinity concept , the new Plan Apochromatic objectives can be selected.

The Motic BA410E microscope demonstrates maximum functionality and ergonomics in all mechanical aspects . The elegant and robust microscope stand meets all the needs of intensive daily use.

In the CCIS © concept, Motic is presenting a set of brightfield apochromatic objectives compatible with all BA series microscopes. The highest quality requirements for pathology, histology and hematology can now be met for reliable diagnosis in the routine and research work of hospitals and other biomedical laboratories.

Besides the standard microscope accessories package, the BA410E series offers a variety of optional accessories. Maximum reconfiguration flexibility is provided by a rotatable phase condenser with all necessary illumination rings, including a darkfield ring and of course the corresponding brightfield position. Maximum simplicity is suggested for POL contrast.

The modular concept of the BA410 Elite allows you to quickly upgrade to an epifluorescence microscope using an installed fluorescence mount with a slider mechanism.

General specifications

Optional configuration

Optical system

CC I S ®


Optical system

Siedentopf 30 °


Interpupillary distance (mm)




N-WF 10X / 22

N-WF 12.5X / 18; N-WF 15X / 16

Eyepiece diopter correction

+/- 5 diopters


Crosshairs (Ø25mm)


Eyepiece 10mm / 100 divisions

Cross double scale 10mm / 100 divisions

Trinocular light separator

100: 0/20: 80

100: 0/0: 100 - 100: 0/20: 80/0: 100


Six-position rotatable both sides


EC-H Plan Achromats Lenses

4X / 0.10; 10X / 0.25; 40X / 0.65;

100X / 1.25 Oil ( Oil )

2X / 0.05; 20X / 0.45; 60X / 0.80

EC-H Plan Achromats +/- Lenses



10X / 0.25; 20X / 0.45; 40X / 0.65; 100X / 1.25 Oil

( oil )

Plan Fluar Lenses


4X / 0.13; 10X / 0.30; 20X / 0.50; 40X / 0.75; 50X / 1.0 Oil

( oil ); 100X / 1.30 Oil ( Oil )

Plan Apo Lenses


4x / 0.15; 10X / 0.35; 20X / 0.65; 40X / 0.95; 100X / 1.30

Oil ( Oil )

Lens Mounting Thread - Standard

RMS (W 4/5 '' X 1/36 '')



Integrated coaxial mechanical stage with ceramic insert



Stage dimensions (mm)

180 x 170


Travel range (mm)

80 x 55; without rail


Top travel stop

  Pre-installed; adjustable



Swing-out type Abbe (Abbe) with a numerical aperture NA0.9; aperture diaphragm

Phase contrast, 5-position rotary condenser (BF, DF, PH1, PH2, PH3) LWD achromatic condenser with NA0.65 numerical aperture (WD 10.8 mm) Abbe condenser 0.90 / 1.25; slotted for Phase / DF sliders

Focus mechanism

 Coaxial; focusing force adjustment


Minimum fine focusing accuracy (μm)



Z-axis travel (mm)



Filter holder with fixing cap



Cassette with 4 position filters




Halogen 50W; Halogen 100W


Halogen / LED interchangeable



Lighting location



Koehler (Koehler)



Automatic on-off



Remembering light settings



Devices for viewing multiple images


Twin / 3-head / 5-head


Built-in (50W); External (100W)


Power supply

110-240V (CE standard)


Light filters


Green, yellow, green interference, neutral density, didymium filter

Overall dimensions, mm)

550 x 242 x 435 (50W);

592 x 242 x 435 (100W)



Weight (kg)



Phase contrast


Slider and turret (rotary condenser)

Of the dark field


Slider and turret (rotary condenser)

Simple polarization



HBO fluorescence