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Motic BA310E

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Motic BA310E

Professional microscope for routine medical work

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The professional microscope Motic BA310E with improved optical and mechanical performance is ideal for the daily work of doctors.

The lenses provide superior spherical aberration correction and significantly improve field uniformity and resolution, while the use of multi-coated lenses significantly improves color accuracy.

Bezel-less stage. Also available as an option is a holder for two slides, which provides high productivity when processing a large number of samples.

Fully Keller adjustable lighting. The standard illumination source for the BA310E medical microscope is a halogen lamp, however, instead of a halogen lamp, a lamp based on LEDs (4500K or 6000K) can also be installed in the corresponding socket.

Optical system

Color Corrected Infinity Optical System (CCIS®)


Binocular, wide field 30 ° [FN 20]

Trinocular Wide Field 30 ° [FN 20]

Distance between pupils

48 - 75 mm


Reverse, with five positions


CCIS® EC Plan 4X, 10X, 20X (option), 40X, 60X (option) and 100X (oil)


Working surface 180 mm x 170 mm, travel area 80 mm x 55 mm, coaxial controls


1.25 digital aperture, Abbe condenser with port for moving device, focus and lock capability

Focusing system

Brass gears
20 mm vertical movement
Fine adjustment of the focal length with a minimum increment of 2 microns, coarse adjustment of the focal length with the possibility of adjusting the moment
Locking the stage for samples with high heights


Built-in 6 V / 30 W halogen lamp
system Kohler system based on 3 W LED system (color temperature 6000K and 4500K)