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Motic BA210E

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Motic BA210E

Basic binocular microscope for routine work

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The Motic BA210E microscope demonstrates a significant improvement in optical and mechanical performance. The BA210E microscope has binocular and trinocular configurations .

Medical microscope objectives provide excellent correction of spherical aberrations and greatly improve field uniformity and resolution, while the use of multi-coated lenses significantly improves color accuracy.

The standard illumination source for the BA210E medical microscope is a halogen lamp, however, instead of a halogen lamp, a LED lamp (4500K or 6000K) can also be installed in the corresponding socket.

Optical system


Color Corrected Infinity Optical System (CCIS®) with colorcorrection



Binocular wide field 30 ° [FN 20]
Trinocular wide field 30 ° [FN 20] - intensity distribution: 100: 0/20: 80

Distance between pupils


55 - 75 mm



Reverse, with four positions



CCIS® EC Plan 4X, 10X, 20X (option), 40X, 60X (option) and 100X (oil immersion)



Surface 150 mm x 150 mm, travel range 80 mm x 30 mm, coaxial controls



Numerical aperture 1.25, Abbe condenser with slider connector, focusable

Focusing system


Brass gears
20 mm vertical movement
Fine adjustment of the focal length with a minimum increment of 2 microns, coarse adjustment of the focal length with the ability to adjust the torque



Embedded system with transmitted light, fixed Keller system with 6W / 30W halogen lamp, or
fixed Keller system with 3 W LED source (6000K or 4500K)